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Careers in IT Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Start your career in US Staffing and Recruiting Industry from anywhere and start a fruitful career as a Recruiter, Business Development, Legal, Accounting, or Human Resource professional today!

Course Instructor Syed Aiyaz Uddin


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Course Overview

US Staffing and Recruiting industry is one of the growing industries with an annual revenue of 170 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021 reported by Statista. With the growing industry, the demand for professionals also increased 10x for recruitment, human resource, legal, accounting, and immigration professionals in the United States of America from India. 

This course Careers in US Staffing and Recruiting Industry will help students understand the industry in the United States of America and the recruitment process outsourcing. The course will prepare students and aspirants of this industry to understand role requirements, education qualifications, technical understanding, and important tools beforehand so that they can choose the right role and department for themselves.  Students will learn about different departments in the staffing agency business and the roles associated with each department.  

The outcome of this course:

After completing the course the students will have complete knowledge and understanding of the US staffing and recruiting industry, types of agency services, etc. The students will have good clarity about the following topics.

  • Introduction to US Staffing and Recruiting 
  • Types of Staffing Services 
  • US Geography & Time Zones
  • US Taxation - Federal, State & District 
  • Understanding Tax Forms W2 & 1099
  • US Hiring & Visas - Immigration, Resident & Alien

                 - H1B Visa

                 - EAD 

                 - Green Card Permanent Residence  

  • Various kinds of Recruiting Roles - Technical Recruiter, Bench Sales, Student Recruiter & Third Party Recruiter 
  • Introduction to Recruitment & Agency Recruitment Cycle
  • Various industries 
  • Technology for Recruitment Professionals 

Who this is for?

  • For anyone with good communication skills and who wants to start in the US staffing and recruiting industry as an IT Recruiter, Non-IT Recruiter, Bench Recruiter, Student Recruiter and etc.

  • For anyone who is a graduate from any stream including computer science, commerce, engineering, healthcare, pharma and etc. who wants to start a career in the Recruitment Process Outsourcing business. 

  • For anyone who is looking to start a career in legal, accounting, human resource, immigration, and other departments within this industry.

  • For anyone who can work from home, office, or in a set-up in the night shifts from anywhere as per US timings such as Eastern Time, Central Time, or Pacific Time zones.

Schedule of Classes

Course Curriculum

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How To Start Career in HR Staffing & Recruiting

0 Exercises 6 Learning Materials

Career Options in US Staffing and Recruiting Industry

Career in US Staffing and Recruiting Industry


Introduction To Staffing and Recruiting Industry



Different Type of Departments and Functions in Staffing and Recruiting Agency

Staffing Market Research, Sales & BD & Different Departments


Different Roles In The Staffing and Recruiting Industry

US Taxation Immigration Geography


US Hiring Process

US Hiring Process and Different Recruiting Roles


Technology for Technical Recruiter

Introduction to technology for Recruiters


Course Instructor

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Syed Aiyaz Uddin

11 Courses   •   128 Students

With over 13 years of experience in the IT staffing and recruiting industry, Aiyaz brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with federal and local government contracting firms, and commercial employers in Technology, Engineering, Healthcare & Industrial.

As a thought leader in the industry, he brings tons of value to the community and provides career roadmap, transition, and development services. Aiyaz is a certified tech recruitment professional with an MBA in Finance and Marketing along with M.Sc. Psychology. Additionally, his drive to seek new and innovative approaches to talent acquisition led him to speak on LinkedIn Talent Solutions by LinkedIn and HackerEarth’s Tech Recruiting Conference Hire 101.