Website Design & Development Services

Your website is a front face of your brand and the company which must be on the first priority of your marketing plan. It’s an identity of your web space where you can interact, target and acquire customers and clients for your business. All other platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media platforms should be connected and drive traffic to your website. As we are now moving in to digital era where technology has progressed far beyond our imagination, now we have more digital marketing tools than ever before to attract customers to our business.

A well design and mobile friendly website with clean content can help customer have better user experience from the time they visit your site until they make a decision to buy your product or services.

Our programmers work closely with you to develop a customer focused mobile friendly user experience which delivery value to clients visiting your business. When you design a website that pleases customers throughout their exploration of product or services they will repeat the visits and refer us on other channels, platforms, blogs and more which ultimately results in more traffic, visits and customer engagements. At TSC our web design and development solutions are designed to achieve your business goals making it web, mobile, search engine and user friendly.

Our web design & development solutions include the following:

  • UI/UX and Web Design

    We recognize the fact that usability, functionality, and visualization are the three important factors of an application interface or website. We work with you to ensure that your digital marketing goals are realized with the designs we create.

  • HTML/CSS Development

    HTML and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the foundation of all our web design projects. It’s of utmost importance that every site we develop be well organized, using the latest HTML and CSS standards. The W3C standards we use ensure a good user experience, as well as lay the groundwork […]

  • Blog Design and RSS Integration

    Two resources for expanding quality content throughout your website are Blogs and RSS Feeds. A Blog is a type of website or addition to a website that allows you to display and manage your content with regular entries written by your company and monitor comments posted by users. Blogs have […]

  • Social Media Integration

    Social Media tools are easily accessed and abundant making them popular but also misunderstood. Proper planning is still required. The use of tools like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook can enhance your marketing efforts, with your website acting as your central marketing hub. The content posted with these tools can also […]

  • Content Development and Content Marketing

    One of the most important parts of a website is the content. We provide web content development services such as site map development, content planning, writing, editing, and keyword analysis. Content marketing is a crucial piece to any digital marketing campaign. Successful digital marketing plans are only as great as […]

  • Website Maintenance

    Another service we offer our clients is website maintenance. Through this service, we’re able to provide you with recommendations to reach your marketing goals, make simple text updates as well as add additional pages of content to help in your SEO efforts. We provide this service to all new and […]