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Useful LinkedIn Tips For Job Search & Online Fraud/Scams


There are many posts everyday flooding on my feeds from people I know whom I thought they are intelligent or wise enough in their professional life for searching jobs or connecting with people on LinkedIn, The feeds that I was looking on my profile made me think twice about that person or individual how much smart or wise he/she is. This post is for those who are looking for jobs or is willing to make a change, I felt the need of writing this post collecting the information regularly through my feeds. The insides that I am sharing might already been there on the internet but for people in my network that I care for this post is for them.

Whenever a HR or Recruiter post an update on LinkedIn for any job please read it carefully, how they are addressing like “Please send your resume to” or “click below link to apply“. What they expect from applicant is they send resume or click on the link to the job they posted online not your “Please review my profile” that shows and talks many things about you when a person is addressing you to the opportunity with a way to apply. There is always a resume for no feedback of your candidature getting not considered, reasons may be many but if you the right person for the job then definitely they will get back to you.

I have been watching lot of feeds on regular basis on my profile on how people blindly do this and other people follow them not even paying attention to the posting or on the profile of an individual who posted that update. I have collected some of the images and have tried explaining in my post on how you can verify whether the post is legit or not.

Example one:

I have removed the pictures and the name of the people who linked/commented or posted it, as you can see in the post that the person who posted it have not specified the type of job he/she is looking fill or the way of applying to the opportunity neither the job title or the industry been specified. How blindly people get in to trap you can see 4,960 Likes and 8,870 comments?!.

Example two:

These are similar to the one as above these people never specify the job neither do they specify proper company they are representing, and we as individual like thinking it might help someone land a job but think reverse it might get someone in trap who knows if they put their email ID / Mobile No. or any other confidential information that may be used in a wrong way.

Below are the key points that you should look after before liking or commenting or providing any of the information on LinkedIn.

Company: Whenever you see a post similar like above just visit their profile and see company they are working with and research a little by google the name of the company so that you can see their visibility on the internet. The very first indication that they are fraud/fake is their company logo and description missing on their profile.

Role: Checking out their role will also help you understand whether whatever the post was publish is in her/his role to fill out position they have or not, on LinkedIn you will see complete profiles of recruiters and HR from summary to role and responsibilities in the company.

Industry: There are many agencies or consultancy working on different verticals and domains be at any location it is very important to see the industry as well they are operating in otherwise sending the profile or getting the attention is waste of time.

Profile Photo: Handsome & beautiful photos from google you will see as their profile picture and when you look at their profile you will not see education details, summaries and their own career information.

Website: It is very important for you to visit the company profile on the internet to see the geographies they operate in and the people who are running it, if they update that job might also be there at the website published officially.

Opportunities: Always remember whenever genuine people update a post about an opportunity they look for people locally who do not need any sponsorship or if at all needed they will specify the sponsor. If you are a job seeker and is willing to relocate the best thing is to go through a consultancies which are immigration experts and get yourself evaluated if you are eligible to get a work permit. It will not help you in any way “please review my profile” you are wasting your time and inviting the problem to yourself and showing yourself to the people in the network about our smartness and knowledge.

Tips: The matter of fact is there are different types of consultancies which operations overseas or abroad operations, you need to get in touch with them for the opportunities after you qualifies for the place of interest and your experience. If you are interested in doing job in DUBAI?! please get the 3 months visa permit and apply for opportunities. Chances that if you are onsite they hire you are more compare to the place you are right now residing and if you are looking for jobs in any other places just research about the work permits instead of wasting your valuable time. If you are interested working in USA please research about H1B visa or if you are interested studying USA research about F1 Visa or if you are interested please research about Tier 2 Visa working in UK. Likewise we have different kind of visas and permits based on the location or country you are applying for.

The below post made my day next time when you see post like we discussed above just smile and ignore thats the best way instead of “please review my profile

Happy and safe job hunting!! 🙂

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