Staffing Solutions

TheStaffingCircle provides a wide range of flexible staffing solutions to our clients and is always happy to answer any questions regarding the nuts-and-bolts details how these technical staffing solutions work and can be implemented to save you money. Please call/email us | +91960847811 and staffing experts will revert back to you at the earliest convenience to discuss in detail.

Full Time / Direct Hire Placement Services

TheStaffingCircle helps you recruit and hire a full time employee. With our direct hire service, we typically manage all the hiring details, so our client and their team can stay focused on other priorities in the business.  With our robust candidate network and the database along with social media tools we gain supply high quality candidates with a faster access.

We will be responsible for briefly evaluating he job requirements and developing a job description that best promotes the role, position and our client. TSC team will be attracting, engaging and pipe lining qualified resources through advertising, sourcing, cold calling and head hunting talent of both active and passive candidates.  We do thoroughly phone screens, interviews, and skill testing, as well as coordinate the with hiring manager through the recruitment process and resource delivery. Additional to aforesaid things TSC also help our clients to negotiate the jobs offer.

Temp / Contract Staffing Services

Eliminate many payroll and all benefits expenses, eliminate many administrative expenses associated with in-house recruiting and other hiring activities. Our Contract staffing services greatly reduces cost, paperwork and HR functions for our clients while giving them instant access to the technical resources they need. Our recruitment process customized for our clients are very flexible in attracting, engaging and deploying talent to our client side on demand and priority basis.

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