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How To Improve Your Email Click Through Rate For IT Recruiters


The Problem Identification

Click through rate is so important that it defines the success of a recruiter on a given assignment of a job order. Emails are a part of recruiters day to day job in which he / she uses different ways to send an email to a prospective candidate(s) using outlook or ATS or an email campaign provider. It is often that many recruiters tend to use some fixed subject lines for emailing candidates or use to many hyperlinks with added images on it leading to junk or spam folders.

It is not the recruiter who we should blame but the practice from one recruiter to another or one agency to another agency is taught by a senior recruiter to a junior/entry level recruiter. Emails are the best way to reach out to your potential candidates in a quickest way possible because today almost every call is scheduled call or informed but email is something that gets into the inbox of the candidates and in front of the eyes of your prospects.

Candidates who are all seeking jobs actively or passively are aware of the patterns of the emails they receive and they also know which email to open and which email not to but how? without even opening to see the email they are able to make a judgement not to open and send to spam or trash folder?

The answer is your subject line of your email “According to data from Return Path, 65 characters seems to be a sweet spot for email subject lines, which is about 15 characters more than the average subject line. When subject lines are 61-70 characters long, they tend to get read. However, most email subject lines are between 41 and 50 characters”. 

The common subjects lines are mostly used by recruiters such as:

  1. Java Developer – New York City, NY – Full Time Permanent
  2. Excellent Opportunity – OBIEE Developer – Contract Position
  3. Permanent Opportunity In New York For .Net Developers
  4. QA Tester – New York – $25/hr C2C  Send Me Resume (For this one pun intended lol!)
  5. Great Opportunity – Project Manager – Permanent Hire – Tampa, Florida

Above are the few examples of the subject lines of the emails used by recruiters on a day to day basis to reach out to potential candidates without realizing that they are losing on to candidates who might be a potential fit and is only not interested to work with you because of your email but how to improve click through rates then?

You have to understand this once for all in your recruiting career is that the receiver of your email on the other side are also humans and they expect to interact with people and this is why they are unlikely to respond to your automated looking like subject line make them feel you are a spammer or someone they would likely to work with.

Simple Solution For Improving Click Through

In order for your to improve your click through ratio of your emails which likely make candidates to respond back to your email is to focus on your activity at the time of reaching out to candidates. lets say you called a candidate for a job and that call went on voice message the next thing you do is to drop a very nice, clean and clear voice message which has your name, company you are calling from and the reason of your call along with your number at the end of the message. Once you drop a VM to your prospective candidate now prepare an email for the candidates with following subject lines .

Tried Reaching You On Call!

Are You Still Available?

Can You Call Me Back Once You Are Free?

What Is The Best Time To Reach You On Call?

Now you must be thinking those email subject lines are very simple, YES! they are and this is where your prospects understands your message clear and open up your email to see it. Above subject lines are humanly which raises curiosity to prospects take action by opening your mail to check your email. By doing this you have crossed first level and the next thing is body of your email.

Always remember if you are willing to engage a candidate in conversation you do not need to send a whole job description in a single email without knowing the interest of the candidates. when you send an email with above subject line you will write your email directing to the candidate first name and then writing the reason you tried reaching him/her.  You must include information about where you found their details and reason for reaching out to them with clear words. Requesting a candidate for time for a call is always good. Now you might be thinking I didnt asked about his updated resume or didnt forwarded him the job description you see here you are not even sure of the candidates interest with you then how can we present the job or ask for resume?

Once your prospective candidate replies to your email for the call or requests you to send over information about the job then you will forward with presenting information about the job. Here one important aspect of presenting job to a candidate is never sell a job saying as “exciting opportunity” or “Great Carer Opportunity” whether or not it is great is completed defined by candidate based on his career interest not you. If a candidate ask you to send an email this is an opportunity to send a very presentable job including company information, type of job with clear role and responsibilities of the job.

If this gonna be call instead of an email then talking more about the company and the project is more important than anything and of course salary  is a part of ongoing conversation. Never ask candidate to send a resume when you already have the resume on the job board you have seen his number to dial in. You can always check the date the resume was updated and unless its an old never ask for one.

Ultimately I conclude this post with some simple subject lines you can use to attract candidate to click through your emails and not send your resumes to junk or spam folders. Above suggested subject lines are few you can always use your ideas to create your simple subject lines which must make candidate take action.

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