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Online Business Development For Rookies – An Ebook For Beginners In Lead Generation


I was willing to write this book since 2016 but got this opportunity to pen down now various ways a business can be developed online using some basic tools and preparation. I am being a part of US Staffing industry for almost a decade knowing in and out of US Staffing agencies and environments from being a recruiter to a head of department managing a team of recruitment professionals handling end number of calls and managing volumes of resume delivery. I have been a recruiter, a manager, a department head and a CEO of my own startups. I had ups and downs of the businesses where I was employed and of my own business.

My struggles and experiences for my own startups had led me to write this book for all the fellow professionals to provide a realistic approach towards developing a business online.

I wanted to provide a real time knowledge and experience about how a business is developed online for a staffing agency, this explanation will help you get grip over end number of businesses you can develop after going through this eBook. Readers will find this eBook very practical to the point showing ways as practical as possible.

I will be teaching from scratch how you will need to prepare your business brand and your marketing material so that you achieve your goals of generating valuable businesses wherever you get employed.

Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Legal Notes

Chapter 1. Understanding Your Businesses

Chapter 2. Segmentation & Platforms

Chapter 3. Collateral Development

Chapter 4. LinkedIn & Social Media Branding

Chapter 5. Content Creation

Chapter 6. Online Tools

Chapter 7. Market Research

Chapter 8. CRM & Contact Management System

Chapter 9. Client Hunting

Chapter 10.Opportunities

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