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How To Market Your Staffing Agency Or Recruitment Business


Marketing your staffing agency or branding your recruitment business starts from your website such as UI/UX also know as (CX) candidate experience or client experience in terms of staffing language. Gone are the days when websites were only used for an address and for information purpose only and today it has become a business house where everything take birth from lead generation, business development, sales and more.

To market first you need to understand who you want to “Market” (Your Target Audience) and what they might be seeking and then putting down your content strategy for the same. In terms of staffing or recruitment business you will have three type of visitors to your site i.e Future Employees, Job Seekers & Employers. You would have to decide are you a client focus staffing services company or candidate focused placement services company. Once you are able to get your clear target you can start working on creating content based on your target audience on your blog posts and pages.

Marketing has now became an essential element of every business that is operating out there in one way or the other. The ones who “know how” are leading the way from the business who are still believe in traditional approaches.

Without taking time I would now provide you the tips for making your agency a “brand” in whatever industry or domain your operating. Your marketing end goal projection is to attract the “X” by creating the content of their interest on your platforms.

  1. Website: Having a user friendly and great user interface pages always helps one navigate through your website easily from one page to another without loading time. Below are the recommended key areas.
  • Proper SEO
  • Google Analytics Code On The Site
  • Google Web Master Tools
  • Proper Call To Actions
  • Chat Box (optional) to get help in case visitor needs specific info
  • Team (Along with their social handles)

2. Social Media Integration : Today most of us are online and are searching for information, reviews, posts and as many things as possible to make a decision about certain things. Integrating social icons to your website helps visitors connect to you on either of the platforms easily. Below are some key platforms where I believe every agency have presence.

3. Social Media Banners & Headers: It is very important that on every platform you have presence you must have your agency logo branded headers and banners on across the platforms to send out a word out to your audiences who are all visiting your platform on different social media sites. When I say social media banners I am also talking about including profile headers of your employees on professional networking platform like LinkedIn & Twitter which are your real estate for marketing your brand on the profiles.

  • LinkedIn Company Header
  • LinkedIn Profile Header
  • Facebook Cover Photo
  • Twitter Header
  • YouTube Channel Covert Art

4. Content Creation: Content is the king on any platform for reaching your audiences of your interest to your platforms having someone in your agency responsible for creating content which is your visitor focused always helps you drive traffic and customers to your platforms. Your content strategy should be a mix of text, images and videos as and when you post on the platforms. Your website would be constraint but the blog would be variable of posts of your visitor interests.

5. Scheduling: Scheduling the posts on the social media platform requires right timing based on the platform insights, every platform has its stats published on their site about their user traffic google that information and you know when to post what. There are different free and premium platforms help you post on social media sites like HootsuitBuffer & etc.

6. Opportunity : Now what is an opportunity? an opportunity to trigger mentions, moments using premium ads on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which will boost your follower base and engagements as and when you see this opportunity take mileage and engage with your audiences.

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