Delegating a company’s business process to third parties or external agencies with the purpose of leveraging low labor cost, improved quality and innovation is termed as Outsourcing. Generally, entrepreneurs start their ventures by themselves and at the initial stage; taking responsibility of every business bureau including marketing, sales, HR, technology and others by themselves.

Aforesaid, staffing is also an essential affair for every organization. In fact, the absence of a good manpower can fail any organization’s vital resources like money, material and machine. To rectify this, staffing agencies perform expertise, retained recruitment and selection processes for organizations which don’t have the right resources regarding time, expertise and others essentials to manage the employment processes by making it a walk in the park and a gold package in terms of time and money. It serves entrepreneurs getting a step ahead to focus on their core business processes and goals.

Best among staffing industries, TSC provides top notch IT Staffing, Placement & Training services to companies in USA, UK, UAE & India, keeping its hawk eyes on talent and connecting it with golden opportunities for multinationals within staffing and recruiting industry. The company holds specialization in placing people within recruitment industry, and connects potential employers with people and businesses. TSC possesses a network of staffing professionals in order to find talent through referral and advertising. Incorporated in August, 2016 with its offices in India & USA, The Staffing Circle connects employers from United States, United Kingdom, Middle East & Canada for recruiting operations jobs through its diverse network that opens door for tremendous opportunities for employers & recruitment professionals.

The company assists many reputed companies in US, India, Middle East, UK and many others globally.

 “We bridge the gap by servicing those needs of our clients who seek out to hire staffing professionals in India from USA, UK, Middle East, India & Canada”

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